seat belt buckle webbing shortening

Found 29th Aug 2010
We have a car that has long webbing in it.

We are unable to afford a new car or secand hand car

We are stuggling to find a seat that will fit out child who is now 3 years 7 months for when she hits the maximum weight of her current seat.

We have a Demio from Mazda, i have tried emailing mazda but they dont reply....

Has any one got any advice
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can u get a isofix base. or a autobase (graco). u will need a compatible chair with it though and need to make sure ur car has isofix points.

we had a look for iso fix points but it dont have them.

I go a funny hook on the back of the chair with a fabric strap that hooks on to its self in the book on the back of the left hand side, not sure what this is for.

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Halfords and Mothercare fit seats for free. May be worth popping in to ask.
i did ask but the woman said try some of the fit finders and none of the ones that use the 3 point harness would fit she said as the webbing on the buckle when the belt is pulled tight moves across and gets longer
I don't understand the problem? Are you saying the issue is that your seatbelts are too long?
the description reminds me of DLM's infamous one line per sentence format.
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this bit the webbing is to long when the belt gets tightened…htm

basically causes buckle crunch with nearly all seats we have the britax fist class si i think it is, but the it wont be long before she will be out of the seat sooon,



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I am a little confused by this but at her age can you not use a booster type seat. As long as she is 15 kg she can have a booster.Surely any type of belt will fit these. I would pop to a Mazda garage if they are not emailing back.
she keeps on stiking her arms in and out of of the seat
She will stop after a short time. Just stop the car everytime she does. Get one with a back on much safer. Or try one of the 1,2,3 ones which have a harness and then can be a booster. Not sure how compatible they are with your seatbelt though
Hi try, they will safely shorten the webbing
I think the britax first class si is suitible until aprox 4 yrs old - so will it not be a group 2 booster seat your looking for now?
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