Seat Ibiza MK4 Cupra FR Front Bumper..

Found 22nd Aug 2009
Right so i found myself a seat ibiza mk4, which i should be buying in the following week..

Just wondering if anyone on here actually has one? if so what i should look out for, i've had the mk3 and it was a wreck! clutch went etc..

Im also wondering whether you can actually get the FR style front bumper, and if so where you can get em from? and roughly how much?

gotta be someone out there who can help me

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Always used this site for SEAT info if you don't already....…ms/

Problem I've had on both my MK4's is rear washer breaking during frost...other than that the problems have been nice and random!
17 and a cupra mk4?

17 and a cupra mk4?

i had a 54 plate honda civic
drinks to much fuel for me,
so thought about getting mk4 tdi sport! might aswell make it look a bit like a cupra
im keepin my honda! damn seat has too many faults!
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