Posted 16th Nov 2022
Hello guys.
I have a “minor” problem going on with my car. Last couple of weeks since it became cold in the morning my glow plug light started flashing after i get in my car and start driving to work. It starts flashing after about 1km of driving, car goes into limp mode and a start-stop system unavailable message pops up, if i pull over turn the engine off and then on again the light is gone and the car drives perfectly for the rest of the trip. There are no other warning lights and no other obvious signs that anything is wrong with the car (car drives very nicely, fuel economy is nice etc..) This only happens in the morning when outside temperature is 5°C or below. I also noticed that this mostly happens shortly after the car completes a DPF regen. The regen is completed without any problems.
If anyone has any idea what could possibly be wrong I’d appreciate any advice before i decide to take the car into a garage.
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    had a similar issue on my missus old car, its likely to be a faulty EGT sensor if it isnt on at the start and comes on shortly after setting off
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    Flashing glow plug light is just an indication that limp mode is active. You need to scan for faults otherwise you're peeing in the wind.
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    What sort of trips are you doing - daily mileage etc?
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    Cold mornings? Maybe the battery is on its way out messing with the electricals? No harm in getting it checked.
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    Lots of things it could be. I strongly recommend investing in a obd2 reader. Being able to get error codes from cars is extremely handy.

    Silly quick thing to check is that the dip stick for your oil is properly sealed in. If it lets air in, it messes with the air sensor and causes it to either run rich or think there's something wrong and go into crawl home mode.
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    Fault codes?
    How do you know that regen has completed successfully? (edited)
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    Does it have the fiat diesel like the Vectra had. 1.9cdti ?.
    When it came on, on my Vectra it was doing a regeneration.
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    Gonna sound odd but check your brake lights, VAG vehicles suffer bad pedal switches and oddly it throws a glow plug light, although that shouldn't put you in limp mode but worth checking
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    You find out what the fault is as mines is doing the exact same thing.
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