seaworld & disney/universal studio tickets

    Will be doing a big holiday before my kid goes to uni.
    Will be touring california (san francisco), LA, LV (and grand canyon) and then disneyworld in florida.

    Looking at combination tickets.
    Which is better Disneyworld & Universal Studios & Seaworld tickets in Florida
    Universal Studios Hollywood & Seaworld (San Diego) tickets combination

    If anyone has experiences of Universal Studios Hollywood/Orlando - which did they prefer
    Same with Sea world in florida/San Diego - which is better

    Also is it worth getting the dining package when booking disney, I was thinking of booking an offresort hotel & eating out. Any advice would be welcome.
    My kids are 18,16 and 12 so we wouldn't really benefit from kid eat free offers cos they only apply to kids
    As I said any advice would be welcome.


    been to all mate
    the parks are bigger and better in florida although each has its own unique attractions to the other.
    they are alot smaller in california ,would recommend the parks in florida and more exploring in california ,California has a lot more natural attractions

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    gosh that was a speedy reply, thanks for the advice

    Not been to California but i was told at Disney in Florida that the car park ( in Orlando ) was about the same size as the whole complex in Anaheim . Also have to say best place i've ever been

    try [url][/url], for all the answers to all the florida questions

    try [url][/url], for all the answers to all the florida … try [url][/url], for all the answers to all the florida questions


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    San Diego Zoo and their seperate Wildlife Park is a must see, the zoo esp, when we went last April they had baby panda's, the Seaworld there is fab, think it's a little quieter than Florida, if you have the time try to visit Lake Tahoe about a 3 hour drive from San Francisco, its glorious, have paddle boat steamers on the Lake, we've been there a few times in different seasons and its beautiful, but then I'm biased I married my husband on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

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    craig guy;8240421

    try [url][/url], for all the answers to all the florida … try [url][/url], for all the answers to all the florida questions

    Thanks so much , never heard of this site, its brilliant :thumbsup:
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