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I'm looking for a new car, and i need it to be cheap to run, spacious so i can pack a few surf boards, and cheap to buy/insure. What car would suit my needs? no older than F reg.

really need suggestions on this one, as i'm clueless on big cars


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also could consider vans, but they tend to be expensive to run which puts me off

alternatively, i'd need a trailer, but i don't know what the rules are for those, would a small 1000cc car be allowed to pull one?


get any car and put a roof rack on the top for your surfboards?

if you want reliability and cheap to run, japanese seems to be the way, - i.e. nissan, honda, toyota etc...
slightly more expensive but reliable are germans.... mercs, bmw, vw.
get a golf, can pick up decent ones for under a grand which are like L reg?

Volvo estates, built like tanks, best going for a diesel though, petrol a bit thirsty

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my cars too small, its a nissan micra, it can barely handle people, it would actually fly with surfboards on top. also need space for people + kit.

has anyone got any patricular brand + model to suggest?

i'll look into the volvo estates, and estates in general too.

golf is a small car, wouldn't be better than what i've currently got

I bought a Daihatsu Fourtrak recently and I love it. It might be suitable. It cost me £900 for an L reg off eBay. You could get similar I'm sure. The 2.8 diesel is best and does approx. 30-35 mpg on a good run, I just insured it for £150 (5 yrs no claims), and it goes and goes. the rear seats will fold, so you might get surf boards in, or roof rack may be better.
Also great fun to drive. Check 'em out on eBay and test drive one.

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cheers, but 2.8 is too consuming, i'll need something around the 2.0 area

We recently hired a renault scenic it looks quite small on the outside but it is quite spacious inside, we have 3 kids one of which is a baby so big car seat and it was perfect, what was nice was that the middle back seat had a proper seat belt not just a lap belt i must say it was a new shape but im sure you could get some good deals have a look at this ]http//se…ion

get an old vw t4 van. just what your after. look on ebay or autotrader

ive got a second hand rover 200 and its great on space big boot etc and not a small car got it cheap too onl £400 from adtrader and i got cheap insurance on it too only £500 im sorted im happy with that, its great for taking me places etc :thumbsup:
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