Second hand iPhone insurance

Posted 15th Nov 2011
About to pruchase a new phone and was looking at buying a new (albeit technically second hand) iPhone 4S.

However most insurers will not insure a iPhone unless you have proof of purchase from a actual retailer (hand written reciept from Burt down the pub is not accepted). Does anybody know of any insurers that will insure a iPhone without retailers receipt.
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Barclays bank if you have an account already
Just add it to your house contents insurance. Most companies offer cover up to £2,000 or so on mobiles for a fraction of the price charged by the mobile phone insurers.
Ive got insurance currently with my bank but have asked them about buying a second hand iPhone and without the retailers receipt they will not insure it.

I havent asked about home insurance, will they require the receipt as well in the event of making a claim?
would they accept a ebay/paypal invoice?

would they accept a ebay/paypal invoice?

No it has to be retailer receipt, i would imagine alot of people have been stung with this in the past as you wouldnt know it was required untill you read the small print or attempted a claim.
Ive jus got. iPhone 4s insure thro my bank. But if I was to make a claim that's wen u need to provide proof of purchase
But when you claim, all these banks and insurances require the original receipt with IMEI number on.
I bought my last iPhone new from a seller on eBay,It managed to fall out my bag and break so I had to claim on my Halifax ultimate reward insurance,I printed off the PayPal invoice and that was enough.
They were more interested in getting info from orange about when I starting using the phone.
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