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Hi All, Looking to sell the following:
PS3 Super Slim 320GB
1x Controller
2 x Move Controllers
1 x Move Navigation Controller
1 x Eye Cam
2 x Move Racing Wheels - Brand New
1 x Move Controller Charging Cradle for 2 Controllers
2 x Wireless Singster Mics - Brand New
1 x Vertical Stand - Brand New
139 Figures - Mix of Disney Infinity, Englanders and Lego Dimensions.
Various Disney Infinity Level Pieces Plus The various docking pads for the various sets.
Around 20 odd games.

I think that's it....lying in bed doing a mental stock take

What do you all think would be the going rate for all this as a single package? don't wanna wanna split it up due the all the different shipping I wouldnhave to deal with......Thanks in advance for all your sound advice and thoughts :0) :0)
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I would just take it in to game or cex and go from there
Thanks for the feedback. Can't abide a figure 30p, sell it for 3quid.....rather do it myself :0)
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Use eBay or depop :0)
sxxychocolate1 h, 30 m ago

Use eBay or depop :0)

Why did you reply to yourself?

Personally I'd probably split it up into several smaller bundles and then ebay or gumtree it.
Cos I'm a little crazy.....might be the way to go splitting it....
Sadly the for sale/trade section here got killed off for the most lame reasons...
Yeah, I know :0(....made selling everything really easy and without the horrid eBay fees....Since The I've also noticed a reduction I the amount of deals being posted :0(
Best platforms from experience
Shpock, gumtree and Facebook market place.
I avoid eBay unless it's a promotion offer for £1 max fees. Wouldn't pay 15% with them and PayPal.

Sadly a lot of what you have for sale is going to fetch little to no offers. But can bundle it all and get some money.

But need to list games as "I have 20" means nothing if their all poor titles

Rough estimates
Console £55-60
Controller £10
Move controllers £10 each
Eye cam £0
Racing wheel £2
Charging cradle £4

Figures, games and portals could fetch some
(sold skylanders games X3 and 40 figures for £45 myself). Bundle them into their own games and shpock that stuff.

With my rough estimates. It's all about researching your current area. Check local prices to what you're selling and either match or under cut.
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Lovely feedback from you all!! :0):0) Thanks again:0) True about the game's.....
I just bought a PS3 for my granddaughter for Christmas. Still in its box, sealed and unused. One controller, no game s. £40. Lots of consoles out there, finding decent games is the issue.
I would have thought you would find plenty of games on the second hand market?....young child friendly games is always hard to find. My lads 9 so the vast majority of games we have are appropriate for him. I have some 16 and 18 rated stuff for me but I don't play games hardly all the Disney Infinity's + loads of figures, Skylanders Giant, swapforce and super chargers with figures, Lego Dimensions with a few figures.....lots of Lego games....can't be bothered to list all the game's as my bed is still too comfortable....;0)
If you're planning on selling yourself eBay is probably your best bet. They will take 10% off your final valuation unless an offer is going on. The fees are not that bad since the reach you will get makes up for it. (Cheaper than setting up your own shop or website with a storefront :p)

Used to use gumtree for large items but the amount of time wasters was not worth it, at least on eBay they buy the item so are committed to arranging a pick up date.

Sphock is just gumtree, same issues.

If these were mine I would trade in the console (you may not get much more than what cex might offer for it).

Bundle the ps move stuff as one lot.

And if I recall the wireless mics are still pretty pricey so you might get a quick sale from them.

For all id recommend looking at the average price on eBay and what cex would give first to see if there would be a point selling.

Avoid musicmagpie, if they find something isn't to their liking they want you to pay to have it back and if you don't they'll sell it anyway.

Best of luck
Nice one!! Bundles it is.....:0) Going to see how much Cex, Game and the like sell their like for like ps3 stuff for and co.e in competitively:0)
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