Second Life

    Hi folks,

    Thought i would ask if anyone has any experience of Second Life?

    It sounds a bit nerdy for me but i read an article in FHM which was absolutely hilarious and made me want to check it out for a bit of fun. Basically for anyone who hasn't heard of it it is a virtual world with millions of people online you can earn money by doing virtual jobs, buying land etc. A bit crazy if you ask me but you gotta love the idea.

    Anyway if anyone has used it let me know what you thought and if it is addictive i will stay well clear.

    P.S. I strongly recommend reading the article in FHM where they tried to set up a bar to win over all the geeks lol. It's great! :giggle:



    i checked it out a few weeks back but it seemed to strange for me.

    I gave it a shot last year and quickly ran away It just seemed like an endless mess - rather like walking through a 3D MySpace hell!

    I tried this and thought. whats the point? From what I can tell you walk around talking to people. For me it was very slow!
    If you got nothing better to do, then I spose you could try it out.

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    It is freeky isn't it

    But around half a million USD are traded in the game each day!

    It seemed like a boring cross between the sims and habbo hotel to me. Really didn't get what was supposed to be addictive about it, this place is more addictive.

    I saw this a week or so ago on Richard & Judy and they've apparantly somewhere in that virtual world which was enough to keep me away from it.

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    lol that would put anyone off! it's impressive because its soo big and the idea is great but after an hour of trying it you seem to discover that it is all about watching 3d characters get naked which is just weird. lol


    But around half a million USD are traded in the game each day!

    Several billion dollars a day are traded in drugs too, does that make it good?

    i have no idea what your all talking about lol!

    opps read op now

    pc gamer ran an article on this not so long ago anyway the article focused on the seedy side of it if you catch my drift.


    But around half a million USD are traded in the game each day!

    Does that not suprise you? The americans have too much time on their hands!! :w00t: :giggle:
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