secondary flood damage HELP

    Noticed extreme build up of condensation in my home. (Lived here 8 years with no problems and no change to building and contents or lifestyle)

    The area I live in got flooded over a year ago, our garden was like a swimming pool but the water never went above the damp course of our house.

    I talked to the nighbours and we believed we was lucky it never went any higher. Talking to people affected by flooding and web browsing found that a large build up of condensation could be caused by the flood and to check our sub floor of our house ( My lack of knowledge of my own home baffled me! 3ft sub floor!).

    I rung the Insurers and a contracting company came round, sating my sub floor was defiantly flooded but left the condensation issue open! taken other measurements plus humidity levels.

    Got a call from my insurer asking me to get my own builder in to confirm cause of damage (and cost of repairs i presume). Not got a clue who to call cost etc.....

    Has anyone else had similar circumstances and would you inform me of an outcome.


    You need a reputable builder, ask neighbours/friends for recommendations of who they have used in the past, then ask them for a quote

    NHBC is only for new builds, not for building work

    Original Poster

    has anyone just suffered with condensation damage due to flooding and also claimed?

    (condensation caused by my sub floor drying).
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