SECONDRY HDD installation help

    can someone assist me here please...

    I've just bought a secondry 400gb HDD, I set it to slave and my Primary Drive to Master... They ae both IDE HDD's Inserted the black plug of the idea cable to the master and the grey to the slave...

    First time of booting up xp found a disk drive... how ever I believe xp thinks it to be a floppy drive, because in my "my computer" section where there was no A drive but there is now.

    confussled... but will venture on until it is rectified.. any help appreciated


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    Right click My computer, click manage, click storage

    Initialize unitialized drive, then create new primary partition

    This is fairly easy to fix, but I can't walk you through the steps precisely because your system will be set up slightly different to mine, and, well, I'm quite lazy. Anyhow.

    Firstly, the reason a floppy drive has appeared in My Computer is that your system's BIOS is telling Windows that there's one there. This is fairly easy to fix, if you follow these rough steps:

    1) Turn your system off, turn it back on. When it displays the Power On Self Test screen (the POST for short), it will ask you to push a key to enter setup. This is usually F2, F12, or Delete. Press it, and you'll see the BIOS Setup (it might be titled slightly differently), where you'll see various options. Yours might look something like this:

    2) The next step is to set the Floppy option to None. Here's another screenshot to give you a rough idea of what to look for -

    In this screenshot, see where it says 'Floppy A', and next to that it has '1.44MB'? If you were to cycle through the options, you'd get 'None'. Once you've set it to that, exit and save your changes.

    3) The system will now boot into Windows.

    Next little thing is to sort out the harddisk, which I'm guessing isn't appearing in My Computer. What to do here is:

    1) Let the system finish booting into Windows

    2) Right-click My Computer, select Manage. Next, select Disk Management.

    3) You should see your new 400GB drive listed here. It'll be listed as having less space than the box said, probably around 360GB, and it'll report all that space as being Unallocated. Right-click, click New Partition, and click Next to everything. If you want to save some time, tick the Quick Format box on the Format Partition page. Windows will walk you through this, it's all easy enough.

    4) With that all done, your harddisk should appear in My Computer, and will be ready for use. If it didn't appear in Disk Management, check it's all hooked up properly, fully plugged in, and that the jumper's in the right place (I've arsed that up myself more times than I care to mention), and try again.

    And now, would you care for me to recommend any BitTorrent sites? :thumbsup:

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    thanks for the info may come in handy to someone else, i got helpful directions from my wii modding friend, have done this before but we are talking many moons ago, and when he said to go in to the management area it all came flooding back.

    as for torrents... muhaha thats what the secondry hdd is going to be used for and I am a member torrentleech where I get speeds of up to 500kb/s (on a very good day) on an 8mb connection

    but thanks for the info anyway
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