Secret of Eternal youth

    yes-ish my friends. i are here to helping you witheth mine secrets for youth eternal. apologising profusely for spellings and the grammer that is used but myself is but a manager bank of africa and english learning not too good. discovered i did, secrets ancient they are whilst cleaning self and other folk within festival of glasstonbury cubicle toilet. over 500years young i am now and aging not am i. if desires this knowledge do you posess, sendeth thy details inclusive to thine home self:
    dwelling address
    grammer phone number
    electromatronic dwelling address
    vault details

    thanketh thine self

    Sir Wordslot


    I beseech thee, wherefore did thou reasoneth that thine declaration herewith doth entice us humble folk to sendeth ourselves an missive as thou adviseth?

    Laugheth Out Loudethly

    no comprende

    Original Poster

    sendeth to:
    NOH 0PE

    Ey thanketh ye wiv thine trueth heart oh brovver of hukd'eth
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