Secret Santa!

    HI desperatly need an idea for office secret santa. Got about 10 days to get it now. It's for someone at work, who loves drinking tea and gardening (not necessarily at the same time! so would love something along those lines.

    Did think of one of those giant Tea-Cup planters but they are all about 20-25 quid, and would really only spend half that, tops.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks guys!


    Have a look at stock fillers under 5 pounds. Got my secret santa work present there.

    I was in Sainsburys the other day and I saw a funky set of gardening tools like a trowel etc for like 6 quid. an idea maybe

    twinnings do tea gift sets for the tea lover!

    Ive seen those giant tea cup planters in TJ Hughes for £9.99 i think it was, worth a look if you have one nearby
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