Found 16th Dec 2008
lokking for ideas on what to get a 17 year old girl any thoughts welcome


have a look in boots if they got any mini makeup kits

my number :whistling:

I know what id GIVE her

depends on how well you know her, we get secret santa at work and all the girsl got a lot of sex toys, the filthy girls thought they were getting sex toys but we got them kids toys instead.

it was secret so no one knows who got what which was the fun part

how much can you spend?

give her some spot cream

Original Poster

Only up to fiver


Only up to fiver

is a lot of people from work or something, if she is not too shy then get her something from a sex shop as girls love getting that sort of stuff and it will make for good conversation

a hamster?

that was too black gerbil!

get her a bottle of wine, she'll appreciate that

A 100 pack of condoms, should last a few days lol

i got one of the girls a ann summers catalogue and then wrapped up two drum sticks (sticks to play drums not the food) but I wraped them up separately so they looked like vibrators / dildos and every thought thats what they were especially since I gave her the ann summers catalogue first

bottle of wine and a condom.....
think thats all i needed at that age


get her this from

just in your price range and looks quite a nice set…tml

If you know which drink she likes you can pick up a miniture set there seem to be quite a few to choose from. Or pop into somewhere like bobyshop and pick up a gift set. Or visit and look through all gifts for under £5
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