Secret Santa Help - Golf - £10

    Hey, i am in a secret santa at work and the limit is £10. The woman that i have got is into golf and never stops talking about it.

    Any suggestions?



    boots have some golf based items in their 3 for 2 range, have a look there

    check out bhs gift section instore too they do golf themed gift sets

    If she actually plays golf, then your best bet would be a proper golf shop, e.g American Golf or the pro shop at your local course. You should be able to get golf presents for around £10.

    If she just talks about golf, then the stuff the chain stores sell should be fine.

    tk max have got a few different golf gifts for a tenner and less. Ive been to 2 different stores and both have stock

    Original Poster

    she actually plays golf. ALOT!


    she actually plays golf. ALOT!

    I used to play golf a lot - not any more though. :x

    Well meaning friends and family used to give me golf presents from the chain stores. I've still got most of them - in a drawer somewhere unopened. A few bits in them can be OK but you need to be a golfer to know which ones. Golf shops rely on selling to golfers so they are unlikely to bother with the novelty stuff.

    wot about some head covers you could ram them in her mouth and shut her up talking bout golf

    get her a good golf towel you can get some real good makes for around £10 or just under
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