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Found 26th Nov 2009
This is my first post so please be nice!!

With Christmas looming around the corner I have entered into a couple of Secret Santa ballots. Limits are between £5-£10.

Just wanted to get peoples ideas on what are great gifts to buy and what people have bought in the past!!


Whenever I do secret santa, I always get presents to take the mickey out of the other person. Maybe thats cause I'm mean ha

The chocolate willy didn't go down very well in our staff room but we all had a chuckle in private afterwards! It really depends if you know who you are buying for and if they are male or female but I always think a festive drink nicely wrapped goes down really well, or in our very pc school a hamper of goodies from the local green deli, to the value you want to spend, ours even have their own hessian bags to put things in. Good luck, I'd go for the willy again given the choice though!

The first one I was involved in I got a selection of Belgian beers with a Leffe Glass, since then I have collected over 200 beer glasses and beer drinking vessels, best gift ever! You can get something funny, but remember it is easy to offend, make sure they will appreciate the joke, and find out a bit more about the person you are buying for. By the way mr blobby items for a fat bloke is never acceptable and not funny!!!!!!!!

What have I given in the past?
Thorntons choccies
Body Chocolate
Jester's hat with bells
"See you Jimmy" tartan hat/ginger wig combo
Recipe books
Nice smelly bath and pampering stuff
Scented candles
White evening scarf
Picture frame
Truffle oil
Home made Sloe Gin (Oops no, I kept that one. hic! :oops:)

Hope this helps :thumbsup:

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Thanks guys...appreciate the ideas...the person at work is a good mate of mine and i want to get something funny for her...not really fussed if its a little naughty (such as a chocolate willy) as i know she can take it!!! haha

best secret santa gift i ever got was empty box with a card in it saying

"sorry i left your present on the bus. love santa"

I was FOREVER leavin stuff on the bus at that time! It was hillarious!! But then the guy who did that for me gave me a new purse after we all stopped laughing... I'd have been happy just with the empty box and note! I'd left my purse on the bus a few days previous. I ended up keepin that purse for over a year too before I lost that one!

I'd always say go for humour if you know them well!
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