Section 75 credit card claim

Posted 24th Oct 2020
I bought some tiles and underfloor heating boards earlier this year.

I split the purchase 50:50 across 2 credit cards.(Nationwide and Barclaycard)

I paid in January but the tiles were not delivered until mid february. (approx 5 weeks after paying for them with the credit card.)

The store has a policy of return upto 10% of tiles within 60 days of purchase.

Lockdown was 26 march. Our tiler was finishing our tiling and we would have been able to return the tiles within 60 days of delivery.

The tile shop was closed over lock down and telephone rang but was not answered

The tile shop then re-opened but was "considering the process for tile return"

after multiple visits, they are now taking returns but the manager in the shop said that I would need to email the owner

I did email and he finally replied advising that the purchase was in january and therefore was outside 60 day return window.


1. If I ordered a PS5 and paid in full now, but delivery was mid november, would my purchase be considered to be now or mid november when I recieved the item?
(like paying for tiles in january but receiving in februrary)

2. Can I claim under section 75 of the credit card for this?
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