It's made from a genuine pair of men's underwear, and comes complete with revolting stains. Built into the front of the briefs is a secret compartment with a velcro fastener. Inside, you can hide your money, passports, and jewelry along with your dignity if you buy this item.

    So imagine you're a dishonest chambermaid, looking for something to steal. As you probe the suitcases of your hotel guest, you come across this soiled pair of underwear. Do you start handling it, hoping to find some treasure? Hell, no. If you think the Sloman's Shield is powerful, wait till you see the Skid Mark Shield in action!


    Original Poster Banned

    They look well minging ROFL

    ...So have you bought a pair yet???

    :w00t: lol


    Great idea! Now I know where to put my valuables on holiday.

    Wouldn't need to buy a pair though ;-):whistling:

    I'd rather be robbed !

    Buy a pair if you want to split from your OH, and wear them on a 'romantic' evening!!!

    Also for men who want that extra package look in their jeans (just be careful what you put in there!)

    shame they only deliver to USA, maybe you could make your own :whistling:
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