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Found 18th May
I am looking for a security camera. I need two cameras for my home and two for by business shop. The distance between from home to business shop is about 2 miles. Not looking to spend anything over £100-£150. I looked on Amazon and found few individual cameras. What’s the best option. Buying individual cameras or buying 4 with a DVD player etc?

Thanks in advance.
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You would need 2 separate setups I think.
Personally I would buy 4 Poe cameras and 2 DVRS for local storage.
But you're not going to get a great deal in that price range.
For anyone who has cctv camera's in their home needs to watch the Panorama program called hacked.…191
"I need two cameras for my home and two for by business shop" and you don't want to spend over £150? lol

Is your business (and home) is important to you? If so, get a good set up, possibly with some sort off site system to protect the video in case of a buglary.
i use hikvision ip poe cameras with a nvr can't reccomend them enough .can be a bit expensive though

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