Security entrance phone

    Hoping someone can help. The main door to my flat has a speakerphone entrance. The flats were built around 20 odd years ago and the phone in my flat is original. Its looking a bit tatty and i was wondering if its possible to simply buy a new one and replace it. It only has one button on it, to open the door. If so anyone know where you can buy these?

    rep given


    Search Google for "Security intercom phone" - loads of results.

    Take a look at the phone socket, if its a standard BT like plug on the end of the phone, you should be able to just wire up another phone.

    If its wall mounted, take it off the wall and check the wiring and report back.



    What make is it Aiphone, bpt, Videx, paxton, etc?
    Spares can be had quite easily in the most part.
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