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Just got back from the cinema, where we were told that there had been a mistake, the viewing was not for tonight but for Wednesday night, big mistake, a lot of people there too anyone else had the same problem, apparently it is not being shown at all in the UK until Wednesday


The wife and I saw this film tonight at Staines, Middlesex.
Really good film.

We saw it in Southampton - Very good film - if you like Oceans 11 etc then I think you'll like this - 10/10 in my opinion
Id email SFF and have a winge. might get you somewhere!

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thanks guys - the manager said that it was not on anywhere in the UK until Wedneday !!!!!

Its released on the 11th - we saw the advertising board on the way out.
I'd certainly winge to SFF and then armed with some evidence be having a little word in the shell like of said manager! Id want a couple of freebies and some popcorn at the very least

Yep, sorry to say that we saw it in Basingstoke and it was fab!
Obviously the manager of your cinema has b@llsed up somewhere and lied to try and cover his own @rse!!

you could always ask for a refund...............

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you could always ask for a refund...............

We went to see 27 dresses as we were there, i did ask him if I could use my vue 2 for 1 for all 6 of us and he let us so not such a bad night after all and hopefully we get to go Wednesday:?

Just got back from seeing 21 in Northampton! really enjoyed it ... that manager is a twit!

went to see 21 in liverpool 2nite, didnt have any problems. Great film too i really enjoyed it

That MIT card counting thing again isn't it? Good yarn but they aren't still trying to sell it as a true story are they?

Our cinema isn't showing it till Wednesday, although we've had the prints in already.

my seefilmfirst is for today
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