See PC files on laptop or visa versa via Wifi

    Is this possible to do?

    I have a PC running Windows 7 connected to a Wifi for my Internet, Printer etc.

    I also have a Laptop running Vista.

    Can I get the Vista Laptop to see files on the Win7 PC?

    I am fed up of copying movies from the PC on the Laptop to watch on the TV


    setup a home network
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    as mentioned, set up a home network which will then let you 'share' the files. You can then also set up your printer to 'share' which would let you be able to print from your laptop provided pc and printer was on.

    Or buy a nas/server and stick everything on there

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    setup a home network




    Go into Wndows help and search for "Home Network" or smilar.

    Windows has LOADS of help that many people never bother to look at.

    When I go into the help on Windows 7 and search for "Home Network" the first thing displayed is "Setting up a Home Network".
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