Found 15th Dec 2007
I know it's another thread. Sorry.

After a couple of days trying to find my way around this disaster, I'm off to MSE.

I've noticed that some people are having their say and then posts are getting removed, threads are getting locked.

Whoever took the dicision to change the site at this time of year is a complete and utter muppet. The only "slight" hint of a warning was from the other night when somebody posted a link to the new designed site. (I would post a link, but like most other things, I can't find it on the site!)

With sincere regret, I'm off. It's been fun.
Merry xmas all!


This'll probably get censored too, Peteivy. Admin doesn't want to hear any criticism.

I'm refusing to click on any HUKD affiliate links or post any more hot deals in protest.

Original Poster

It wouldn't surprise me Poppy.

Not that I'm bothered any more.
Just been over to MSE and there are ALOT of recognisable names. Quite a few of the regulars too!

I might pop back Monday lunchtime to see if the "most users online" figure is beaten :giggle:

Anyone figured out how to view a list of a member's posts yet?
E.g. click on my name and you'll see "Find all posts by poppy10" but when you click on it it just goes to a search page.
I want to be able to find my posts in amongst all this mess!

can i have the website for as all i get is micro solutions enterprise and no big names or nothing just ink cartridges lol i am prob looking at it all wrong/

yep what is this mse website.. can somone either post or email the correct web address

Has it occured to ANYONE that perhaps, JUST perhaps the change was forced on to HDUK?

I would doubt if they would have chosen to do this, at this time of the year, either.

Like RATS deserting a SINKING SHIP, you go.

Whinging all the way to MSE and if you thought getting posts restricted on here was bad, then you won't stay with MSE for long either.

I mean no offence but HDUK doesn't need people like you. You are not what the core of HDUK is about - but MSE is, so goodbye.

i cant see them being forced to of changed the site!!!
i really dont like the site cant find my way around all the deals are messed up with new ones, old ones all mixed up , and where are the blooming vouchers section where it was all listed in alphabetical order, this site is really no good, please please change it back to the old one , i would say 80% of the people on here would want the old one back

PLEASE bring back the old style - it was so much easier to use, easier on the eye and looked a whole lot better. I remember the first HUKD website and the second was a vast improvement. This one simply isn't

Dollies and prams,dollies and prams!!!!!!:whistling:

As noted if you want to whinge do it in the existing whinge threads.

It's not censorship - you can moan there all you want. It's just a matter of keeping the forum clean just like any other topic.

Sorry, commenting is no longer available on this discussion.

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