I have some tickets that i got through seefilmfirst, this is the first time i have used anything like this, do i just print the pdf off and take it with me? Will the cinema staff give me any trouble?




No prob.
They hardly even look at them.

just make sure you go at least 15 minutes early as if its a popular film it might get full and they will stop you going in

Yep just click the print button that it comes up with and take it with you. Apparently they can ask for a name check with ID but i've been about 5 times now and every time they just take the piece of paper without really looking.

Where do you get the codes, I just registered anyway lol


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Where do you get the codes, I just registered anyway lolmaxmix

saw them on the freebies section, have registered now though, i think they email them to you.

Anyway turns out that i went on the wrong day :oops: lol its monday not friday!
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