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Diets or healthy eating

Who here has struggled for years with their weight? I know a few will jump in and shout 'Eat less and move more' so I have beat you to it.
I have recently lost over 2 stone and still going, feeling pretty good and enjoying the fact I can wear nice femanine clothes instead of boring baggy unisex stuff. Also the more exercise I do is giving me lots of health benefits plus helping burn off the cals.
Please don't be shy, I want to hear everybody's thoughts and maybe some inspirational stories to help people who might think they are fighting a losing battle.


Nice one i'm still on my new years diet lost 1st 4lb's so far by cutting out the crap and doing the c25k running program.

Keep it up.:thumbsup:

It's great you've found a diet / exercise plan that works for you- keep it up :thumbsup:

I think I've just found the solution lol - saw my 1st ex hubbie last week after 15 years - he looks great and is into health and nutrition - whereas I had a 2nd bad marriage, put on loads of weight and eat a load of crap and could not get motivated into getting my act together - BUT guess who has now been eating healthily all week and is even thinking of plucking up the courage to go back to the gym lol - how SAD am I ????!!!!!

I am taking prescribed version of Alli, I am leaking hot fat everywhere. I now have to sit on bin bags as I have stained so many cushions. But I have lost 6lbs in two weeks,


Good work guys. I'm by no means a fatty but I want to lose at least a stone (to get rid of my beer belly) I just downloaded a Couch25K app for my iPod Touch and intend to start that next week. I'm also going to be cutting down on the bad foods too.

I lost almost a stone last year just by walking the dog a lot more and not drinking any booze.


I am taking prescribed version of Alli, I am leaking hot fat everywhere. … I am taking prescribed version of Alli, I am leaking hot fat everywhere. I now have to sit on bin bags as I have stained so many cushions. But I have lost 6lbs in two weeks,

Wah?! That doesn't sound healthy!?!!

I joined WW back in May 09, its not really a diet because no foods are banned, i eat, drink and have what ever i want, its just taught me to eat normal healthy portion sizes, this week i got my 50lbs lost certificate (3 stone 8pounds) i only have a teeny little bit more to loose for my healthy BMI ..its currently 26 and i am aiming for 25. Havent found it hard to do and ive enjoyed seeing myself change from size 20 to a 12, this week i got in my first size 10 trousers for over 15 years

enjoying the fact I can wear nice feminine clothes

So am I - trouble is, I'm a bloke:whistling::giggle:

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lol... Well done those who have lossed the weight but using medication doesn't teach you how to maintain the loss so you don't put it back on. I know people scoff at WW or SW but without retraining yourself on portion sizes and what are good or bad foods, you are inevitably going to put it back on again and with them side effects, I wouldn't think you would want to go through it all again. Good luck and hope we all find our new bodies and learn to love them.

I'm trying to eat more fruit (new years resolution) and so far it hasn't helped with my weight, my BMI is 30 and I need it under 25.

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I eat more fruit since joining Slimming World. Also making more meals from scratch has helped but it is time consuming.

Im about 2 stone overweight after christmas. Just started a diet and exercise but in my opinion its more difficult for me to lose weight as im disabled and my mobility is affected.

Did do a trial of that Liquid Diet (w8 matters its called) thought it was terrible. And was offered medication from the doctors which helps with fat but gives you the runs so thought i would avoid that.

Well done to everyone who has lost weight/fat recently!
I use to weight train 3-5 times a week, nothing intense but enough to keep me in shape a couple of years ago. Then it went down hill when i moved in with my girlfriend, as its the first time running a proper home, so the worry of finances and university including the work from university got a bit insane. So I went from a little bit toned 12.5 stone (I'm 5ft11) carried on eating what I was (propbably worse) to at my heaviest last year at 14.5stone!
So I decided that was enough, although I have loads of work due to being in my third year of a law degree, I bought myself an exercise this month and since my heaviest have lost a stone, so now at 13.5 stone.

Ideally I want to get back down to 12 stone before I start toning up again properly.

I started my diet a week and a half ago, I lost 3lbs the first week so im really happy, its given me the motivation to carry on, I can't wait to be back buying smaller clothes again and im hoping it will help with my health too I always seem to be having random pains.

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I am loving Slimming World. Have yoyo dieted for most of my adult life and tried practically everything. I found WW too restrictive as its points for absolutely everything. Now if I want a bar of chocolate I can have 1 and not go hungry all day to make up for it.

I dont find ww restrictlive in anyway , its just basic portion control and healthy eating the last 9 months ive not gone without anything, and im quite prepared to live like this forever to maintain ..yesterday i bought and got in my first pair of size 10 trousers

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Thats brilliant! Well, go with what works for you. Maybe WW has changed since I tried them about 8 years ago. They do all change, SW has changed in the 6 months since I joined them.

Well done on weight loss, you have done fantastic!

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Well, another 1.5lb off this week! Size 16 from 22+ (used to buy baggy tops and pants with elastic so I didn't really know what size I was but a time when a 22 was tight) - Next stop size 14 :-)

im definately seeing less of myself

my mirror broke

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Half a pound away from my 3 stone award! How is everyone else getting on?
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