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I'm somewhat out of date when it comes to PCs and would appreciate some advice.

I'm looking to replace a Dell Optiplex 755 Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz / 8MB L2 cache with 2 x 500GB hard disks but I'm not sure what to go for.

Ideally, I'd stick to a budget of less than £500 and I'm looking to:

  • Browse
  • EMail
  • Word Process / Spreadsheets
  • Store Photos
  • Edit Photos.

I've had the existing PC for some 7 or 8 years and would like the replacement to last similar if possible.

I'd keep my existing monitor and not bothered about a keyboard and mouse but prefer to have an internal DVD / CD RW and a card reader and I'd like room for expansion e.g. to add a DVR Capture card. I'd like lots of storage / ability to integrate one or both of my existing disks into the new PC or even have just one and the other in an external caddy.

I would be grateful to receive pointers / advice.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my query and to those who can provide advice.
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I suggest you start simple, get a SSD drive. That will make a big difference if you switch the OS to it. Then a bit more memory and that should be fine.
At your budget you could get a part capable gaming machine

For your requirements you don' need anything like that but as 4meny says ssd will make loading and starting into up a different league.

At this moment in your bracket with AMD apu s due if you can hold off a little you might find even more bargains.
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Thank you both for the feedback.
Check out and use that to create your own build. Alternatively an SSD will give your existing machine a new lease of life but they aren’t anywhere near as fast as the pcie SSD’s available on newer boards.
An ex-office Core i5 based system is usually a good building block, but your expansion requirements mean it would have to be the mini tower format, rather than the more plentiful slimline - or using the gits of a slimline and recasing.

You don't mention gaming, and there doesn't look like much on the list which would tax the existing system, well, maybe the time to do fancy effects on a high megapixel photo .

I'd also second the suggestion of a SSD drive - playing around with a scraps build of a Core 2 Duo, and threw the SSD in that I had reserved for my netbook - and it was so sweet compared to a hard disk system, booting in a flash, because quite literally it is booting FROM FLASH.
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