Seeking advice on a new graphics card please

    Hey fellow bargain hunters, I'm hoping someone out there can lend me some advice on a new graphics card? They're posted in deals all the time, but with so many options it's madness out there! I do have one problem though...

    Basically I have a media centre PC. It's small, height wise the whole thing is only 100mm tall, so I need to find a low profile card. I have tried to find some specs online, but it's proving a tad difficult. I've pulled some specs out of a nifty bit of software called CPU-Z, but if you need anything else, let me know and I'll open the beast up!

    Processor - AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    Mainboard - MSI MS-7191
    Chipset - ATI
    Memory - 3072MB DDR 400Mhz (PC-3200)

    At the moment, it's just got on board graphics, but I'd like to add a card to smooth out HD video playback, and let me play the odd game of Call of Duty and Crysis etc. I'm not a hard core gamer, and my display is only set at 1280x720 as it's being output on a 32" telly, so I don't need to go over the odds.

    I have a spare PCI Express x16 slot, and about a £100 budget, so can anyone point me in the right direction?




    spend £20 more and get a HD4850.

    dont waste your money. spend as little as possible trust me you re not a hardcore gamer you wouldnt see much difference in the 8800 or 8600. dont let them fool you into wasting your money.

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    I've had a quick gander at the 8800GT and there's no way it'd even fit in my PC!

    8600 has dedicated x264 accelaration and will play most games at 720p really nicely.

    I chose one because i needed it to be silent, do some research on one with the lowest profile you can. My cpu usage when running a HDDVD rip is 2% using KMplayer.



    I've had a quick gander at the 8800GT and there's no way it'd even fit in … I've had a quick gander at the 8800GT and there's no way it'd even fit in my PC!

    yeah I saw your pc was of the slimmer variety after I posted it my bad,

    ebuyer do a low profile 8600GT but at the moment do not have any stock.

    It is about £52

    "Point Of View 8600GT Low Profile 256MB DDR3 128bit DVI HDMI TV Out PCI-E Graphics Card "…330

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    Thanks man, will keep an eye on it! Cheers for the help guys, much obliged.

    also have a look at the new HD3200, HD3400 and HD3600 from ATI. they have onboard 1080p decoding for BlueRay and HDDVD making them ideal for a media centre PC> Infact, have a look atthe Gigabyte GA-MA78Gm-S2H which is roughly £54 in ebuyer. It has onboard HD3200 Gfx, and HDMI out, with 1.3 profile. So you get DTS HD audio out as well. I have this board and I can run quite a lot of games as well, maybe not crysis, but most games that I wanna play. And BD and HDDVD playback is smooth and at 1080p. CPu utilisation is under 20% most of the time while HD playback.

    Or if you wanna stick with your existing mobo, try out the HS3200, or 3600 series roughly between £25 and£50 delivered. They are great for a mdei centre PC. Specially if you want HDMI and hi def audio.
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