Seeking advice on Pokemon Shield Pre Order

Posted 9th Nov
I have pre-odered Pokemon Shield through Quidco at GAME although it is one of the more expensive retailers for this game Quidco will give £15 cashback effectively making it the cheapest. Currently the Quidco app says Bonus cashback £15 is pending - will it be hit or miss whether it tracks and pays out? I understand since it is pre order GAME haven't yet taken money so clearly I shouldn't expect the cashback yet. I was wondering whether to order a second copy of the game at a cheaper retailer then return one of the copies to GAME if the cashback doesn't come through?
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Cashback can take quite some time
Thanks. I don't mind so much it taking awhile it was just the concern it didn't pay out and I've ended up spending £50 instead of £40-£41
If it's showing as you say then you'll get the cashback. I've never had any issues getting the cashback once it shows in my activity.
Pre-ordering on Smyths website for in-store collection makes it £39.99 with Steelbook *and an 'Athletic Outfit Digital Download'
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These 'special new account bonuses' are usually pretty quick. In my experience 3-4 weeks for the cash to be with drawable. Its not normal cashback, so it doesn't take as long as a normal purchase through game would take.

You won't know. If the cashback has gone through at the point game ship your order. But I would expect the cashback to move from pending to confirmed within a week or two of the order shipping.

Just watch sometimes these orders have a 'first 1000 orders only' type restriction... But I've never read any complaints from anyone whose had that problem so. I think that's unlikely.
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