Seeking half decent small notebook.


    I may be taking on another job soon, couple of nights per week.
    If so I shall be seeking a half decent small notebook.......I walk everywhere (no car) so I want something relatively light.

    Not lugging a 17" Dell!!!!

    From the new range of mini notebooks I have seen of late the MSI Wind looks the best bet.

    Any others I should be looking at?

    It will probably only be used at work so don't want something expensive like a Thinkpad or an XPS?

    Can you please post up your suggestions/views/alternatives to the Wind.

    Much appreciated.

    Addendum: Ideally I would like a decent size screen.....10"-12.1"


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    Oh and preferably a dual core so it can crunch :whistling::)

    The wind is a 1.6Ghz atom, we're talking 2Ghz Pentium 4 performance here. If you want super dual-core crunching power it's definitely not the one to go for.

    What would you consider expensive? Obviously the very top end thinkpads and viaos at £2000 but what about £1000? £500?

    for portability the EEE PC ( etc.) is great for about £200 and is reasonably fast at 900mhz. it depends on how much your doing but it's very light and full featured with optional linux or windows on newer models. most of the smaller laptops are really expensive but the EEE is cheap for what you get. so light you can hold it in one hand and take it anywhere. about the size/weight of a book. it has its disadvantages with size of memory etc. but look into it as an option.

    the advent 4622 is a rebadge wind i think, you can go and have a look in store at the DSG stores!!

    Also try finding the MSI 12.2" notebooks, which are quite good as they have a dvd drive built in!! quite useful as you will need to lug an external one around with the likes of the Wind and EEE

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    Thanks folks.

    I already decided that crunching isn't a priority for this lil thing (just that old habits die hard), my workhorses can do that.

    After posting I read quite a bit and have decided the Wind is the machine to have, and yes, I read the Advent thread and almost ordered it last night.

    Thought I'd sleep on it first though.

    The Advent wind clone is fugly compared to the MSI Wind but is much cheaper so will probably go with that :thumbsup:

    in 11 days the acer Aspire One comes out, nice looking machine and hard disk option:…d=0

    hi there i have a cute hp compaq nc4010, with a quality bag and lock kit, laptop is installed with xp pro, service pack 2, office xp pro, all the mod con.

    very good condition,

    if intrested let me know.

    many thanks.
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