Seeking Information: Sony Ericsson - Voice Dialling

    I'm after a new phone and have been all over websites trying to find which W-series phones have voice dialling command.
    I've been to Sony, CarephoneWarehouse, Tescos, etc. and each site manages to say different things.
    So, I was wondering if people had these phones, then maybe they can tell me which phones have this function.

    Currently, I'm looking JUST the w-series, and here's a very short list to start us off:


    If you have a W-series phone and you know it DEFINITELY does not have the voice dialling command, please list it as well.

    Thanks a bunch

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    The w580i has Voice Dialing, its under Settings > Voice Control > Voice Dialing
    Try the demo…=en

    W380, dont think so, also an ugly phone...

    W980, Yes, same location as the w580…=en
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