Posted 1st Jan 2023 (Posted 14 m ago)
Howdy all

I had promised my mrs a new tablet as she had really liked the look of mine. However, I recalled that she wanted a laptop that she could use to join the kids in minecraft and some other steam games.

Are there any decent deals out there for a machine at around the £300 mark. That's already more than what I was going to spend on the tablet (S6 Lite) but am hopeful there might be something really good for the price.

Ideally upgradeable, SSD etc.

Looking forward to your collective help.

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  1. Avatar…792

    Stick some extra RAM in this and it will be under budget and good for light gaming as well as everyday use.

    eBuyer have the Lenovo V15 with 8GB Already installed but that’s £100 more for what is otherwise the same spec. So if you’re comfortable upgrading yourself and getting some cheap RAM from CeX this is the way to go for sure.
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