Seeking nice phone/text deal combo


    I am tied in to a contract for another 9 months and the contract has limited texts.
    Currently find that I am texting a lot soooooooo

    am seeking a deal for a nice phone with a good texting deal.

    Would this be considered a decent deal?

    Samsung Soul on Orange Dolphin.
    Seems a nice phone and offers unlimited texts at £25 per month inc. the phone.
    Not much call time but I have my other phone for that if needed.

    Not too concerned about having too many phones because my daughters can always make use of them.

    I love my Viewty but cannot change my contract at this time.

    I know I could get cheaper deal just by getting a sim and a cheapo phone but I like nice stuff.

    Anyway, would appreciate your feedback/suggestions.

    Thank you.…t=1


    Simplicity sim only?…_25

    No phone but unlimited txts for £20

    Original Poster

    Yes but I'd need another phone and nice ones on payg are expensive.
    Will take a look at other options though.

    Dial-A-Phone have one. £15 per month (with NO cashback), Nokia 6300 for free and Unlimited texts (which usually means "don't go over 3,000 per month"). No minutes, though...…01/

    good HUKD feedback

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the feedback so far folks.
    Could save a fair bit if I can shake my penchant for touchscreen phones.

    But then I have my Viewty for that.....I use the keyboard input method all the time, much preferred to the tap tap tap abc method.

    Guess I'm more used to computers than phones.

    Moving this to deal requests. Feedback is for HUKD comments, problems and suggestions only. Thanks.


    T-Mobile are doing a really decent package, for £30 a month.

    Combi 30, 700 Minutes any network any time and Unlimited Texts and there is a choice of decent phones with that, e.g N95, Samsung Soul, Tocco, etc

    If you like your viewty, you could stick to that stop using your current contract sim and get a Solo contract on T-Mobile...
    Its a sim only offer, £30 a month again, however you get 1400 mins to any network and Unlimited texts

    Original Poster a Tocco and quite happy with it.
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