Seems to be a lot of scammers in FS/FT recently.

Way to many 0 feedback people asking for cash up from for high end items.

Can't HUKD vet sellers in some way?


if people are stupid enough to send large amounts of money to people with 0 feedback that's their problem, should just let them get on with it.

Mod & Ed

Not just those with low feedback, myself and a couple of others on here got scammed by someone with good high feedback and one we'd all bought from before

Ive noticed that too m8 but it doesnt always make them scammers. The number of high end phones etc from people making their first post and stating they wont send first is well on the rise,however,the answer is-dont give them your money.

Personally think none of these posters have a snowballs chance of getting paid first by anyone with any sense.

I was quite lucky, My 1st item I sold on here was a BN 32" LCD TV but I did it collection only, So people knew that they had the goods and I knew I had the cash, Its not just the seller who can scam a newbie either. as People can pay into my paypal for the TV and then the bank not pay up.

i agree, it makes genuine new people like myself look dodgy, i have sold a few items on here but have a couple of more expensive items to sell that i'm wary of listing because of these scammers. Even if someone has good e-bay feedback (like myself) that can't always be taken as gospel, it's easy to use a random persons feedback info. I know most people ask for the item to be sent first then they will pay, i have no problem with the smaller items for this but what about the larger more expensive stuff i'm wary of posting stuff to unknown persons but it's a risk i have to take just now until i get more feedback, i will always get proof of posting for the larger items mind you but it still makes me go hmmmm

seems to be a lot of fs/ft full stop:oops:

no more than usual,use common sense,follow the rules and you will be fine


pay on receipt job done

its like it everywhere i sell on a few other sites and they have the same, even sellers you think are trust worthy have taken the pee and scammed people, some use it like a bank they "borrow" the money then take a month of sundays to pay it back!


Uncle Monkey

Way to many 0 feedback people asking for cash up from for high end items. … Way to many 0 feedback people asking for cash up from for high end items. Can't HUKD vet sellers in some way?

We ask all members to follow the FS/FT trading rules and advice, not just part of it.

FS/FT - Trade safe! Follow these guidelines!Please be advised, all buyers … FS/FT - Trade safe! Follow these guidelines!Please be advised, all buyers and sellers should satisfy themselves that either party is genuine by providing and verifying the following via PM to each other and to Admin or a Moderator if they wish to keep a record:[LIST=1][*]Landline telephone number Make a CALL to check out the area code and number are correct too![*]Name and address including postcode[*]Valid e-mail address [no disposable addresses such as @gmail or @yahoo for example].[*]Using PayPal then check out eBay feedback if there is any and make a small payment to and from each other to validate the PayPal e-mail address.[*]If possible, collect and pay for items in person[*]Only buy from Verified PayPal Members if possible.[/LIST]Do NOT proceed with a deal until you are completely satisfied with all details being correct. It's in your best interest to check out these details yourself.Offer and acceptance of trade or sale must be posted in relevant thread. You must NOT deal by PM only.

If you follow the above advice, then the vast majority of sales should proceed in a smooth manner. In the event of a dispute you will have fully verified details to pursue independently. The amount of 'scams' that take place here barely registers if the full advice is followed.

Please feel free to report any sellers that you have concerns about. This can be done by reporting the thread. Moderators will do all they can to ensure the member is genuine and seek feedback elsewhere. We review every post, no concern is too small. We treat member safety very highly and are continually monitoring, even if it's not always apparent to the membership.

We do receive some reports of non performing members, however these seem to highlight that the advice has not been followed.

Also if they do not follow you questions asking for that above information then don't go any further, if they do check them out here.



I'm not suprised there are scammers on here.
I've seen people openly selling Hooodies ( Sorry, anoracks) and that Henleys Chav gear.
Obviously aiming at the hard of thinking.
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