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Found 12th Sep 2010
gave a link to buy some Frankie Boyle tickets to friends, and without looking at reviews or into the company, theyve bought some tickets, now ive looked at reviews and they say they are PAP (to use a nice word) has anyone here ever used them?


Yes, loads of times. Always received tickets, no problems.

All the time...

used it before, no problem at all

decent company

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Oh thats lifted a weight off my shoulders, so has everyone got theres in decent time before the show?

I've used them, tickets arrived fine. Lastminute on the other hand.... :\

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Anybody else? How late did your tickets come?

they didnt lol

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I thought you said they were decent t0mm?


I thought you said they were decent t0mm?

they are, i mean, they didnt arrive late :p.

They're a decent company, no need to have doubts, i've used them three or so times.

The only ones I remember arriving close to the date were Reading tickets, everything else was in plenty of time.

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Oh phew. Thats lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, the rushing around i just did thinking id sold them dud tickets.

to be honest seetickets are one of the few companies i'd use. You can rest easy

I think they're part of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's empire!

There a good company, never had no problems with them. Ordered my V Festival tickets with them, and that was £1050, which I received the tickets with no problems. Ordered from them previously aswell for other concerts

Ordered muse tickets, they came about week an a half b4 the concert. Used them loads of times and never had any problems!

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Thanks guys!

they had an almighty **** up with the recent leeds and reading festival tickets being sent out late, hence the bad reviews. they are definitely legit though

Used them loads of times, they are the sole sellers of Glastonbury festival tickets, which gives you some idea of them being legit
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