SEGA Astro City Mini - £130 approx at Amazon Japan - Pre-order (Release: 31/12/2020)

Posted 14th Jul 2020
This may get a western release in which case I will cancel my pre-order. Price is calculated at todays VISA exchange rate of 135.475. This will likely change before release in December. All import and delivery fees are included. This is described as the Amazon limited version - there is a version which is 500 yen cheaper as well. I'm not sure what the difference is.
I am confident in ordering from Amazon Japan. I recently got my PC Engine mini from them which was shipped well packed by DHL and received within a week.…ZB/

The Astro City was one of the most iconic arcade cabinets in Japanese gaming arcades. It’s one of Sega’s most proudest achievements and can still be found running in arcades today. They’re a big hit with collectors, and the Astro City Mini is sure to follow in its footsteps.

The Astro City Mini has loads of fan-favourite games, including some that never made it out of arcades back in the day.

Dark Edge, an addictive 3D fighting game that makes use of 2D colour sprites, has never been seen on any console outside of arcades. Another exciting title to make it onto the Astro City Mini is Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder. This title has never been ported to a Sega home console before now, so it’s a bit of a big deal!

This tiny arcade cab will have 36 games in total, giving it one of the biggest games lists in the classic mini series. You’ll be able to choose from titles such as Alien Syndrome, Columns II, Virtua Fighter, Altered Beast, Alien Storm, and many more!

The Astro City Mini will incorporate a joystick that uses microswitches, and the arcade-cab buttons are perfectly spaced for right-hand button-mashing action.

Players can play on the small screen built-in to the device, or they can hook it up to a TV or external monitor using the HDMI-out on the back of the console. There are also a couple of USB-A ports if you want to plug in additional controllers for playing along with friends.

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Order total: ¥17,614
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