Sega Game Gear - Worth Anything?

Found 11th Dec 2009
Hi Guys,

Just a quick question,

Is a sega game gear (working) worth anything these days?

Think i've got around 10 games too.

Just curious, cheers for any replies.
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not really
one going on ebay at the mo for about £30 with games
My 19 year old recently got ours out the loft, Brought him back many memorys as a kid!:)
Depends what the games are and condition of course. Working battery is a plus. Do some searching on ebay for the individual games.
Cheers guys,

Dont think I would actually sell it as it holds a lot of memories, but was just curious.

I remember playing Sonic on it! It was epic! :santa:
I sold mine with 6 games and logic carry case for £40quid to someone in Greece!(via ebay)
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