sega megadrive and mega cd

    looking for above items as cheap as possible please



    I have them at my parents but not selling lol

    But anyway I see them all the time in car boot sales(the big ones at racecourses etc) for like £5-£10 for both inc games and a lot of time boxed.

    I would sell mine as havent used it in about 10 years but I have good memories of it.

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    are you not interested in a trade? i have call of duty 2+3 for xbox 360 psp games or dvds

    Is the megadrive the handheld console? I found one last week when going through some stuff with Jurassic Park - fantastic game, and good memories, the first game I ever enjoyed playing. It's actually my brothers, I will ask him if he's willing to sell.

    the handheld comsole is the Sega Game Gear, the Mega Drive plugged into the TV.

    I can do a Mega Drive £17 delivered with 3 games (Mega 6 cart and 2 others)

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    no sorry was looking for both of them for about that price

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    any1 in stoke on trent got these to save postage costs.

    [QUOTE=DTR;2264696]the handheld comsole is the Sega Game Gear, the Mega Drive plugged into the TV.QUOTE]

    Ooops, sorry!

    YOu can get one on ebay for around 20quid for the two with games.

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    ok ive got the megadrive now but need the av lead for a megadrive 2 any1 know where i can get 1 from?.
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