Sega Saturn Stuff I Have, Whats it Worth? (really I have no idea, and was wondering)

    Sega Saturn (old model)*
    Sega Saturn (new model)*

    Action Replay (Lets you play imports)

    Sega Multi Tap*

    Sega Memory Cart*

    2X Sega Nights Pads*
    3X Sega (normal)*

    Saturn Bomberman
    Baku Baku
    Winter Heat
    Fighters Megamix
    Tomb Raider
    Sonic R
    Shining the Holy Ark (x2 copies, one without case)
    Virtual Fighter 2
    Burning Rangers
    Athlete Kings
    Mega Man X3
    Shining Wisdom
    Shining Force 3
    Guardian Heros
    Bust-A-Move 2
    Command & Conquer 1
    Resident Evil
    Virtual Cop 2 (with Sega Gun)
    Christmas Nights (Offical Japanese Version)
    Discworld 2
    Dark Savior
    Die Hard Arcade
    Virtual Fighter Kids
    Sega Rally
    Worldwide Soccer 97
    Last Bronx
    War Craft 2
    The Crow
    Virtual On
    Road Rash
    Enemy Zero
    The House of the Dead (x2 copies, one without case)
    Vapmire Savior (Japanese)
    Street Fighter Collection (Japanese)
    Deep Fear (Japanese)
    Panzer Dragoon Saga (Disc One Demo)
    Panzer Dragoon Saga (All 4 Discs with cases without covers)

    + The Sega Saturn Club Music CD with Demo Disc.

    *no boxes, or case.


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    just i might be putting it on ebay soon, so i dont wanna just give it away!

    Search on ebay for completed listings, should give you an idea.

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    well i have seen panzer dragoon saga go for £75 - £100!
    which is just nuts for a game.
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    Don't put it on Ebay.Put it on Amazon.

    You might wait a little bit longer for a sale, but you'll get way more for it in the end.

    Check out the prices on Amazon for the Console alone -…sed

    I found a few sega saturn games at home recently, I didn't think anyone would still even have the console! I looked at one of the games in eBay and it went for £ to remember where abouts I put them.

    try selling on here i'd be interested

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    What are the fees like if you selling it on Amazon?

    if you sold the saturn for £35 the fees are
    Amazon's Fees (if sold): £6.25 for Domestic Only *
    Postage charge to buyer on your behalf (if sold):: £2.03 for Domestic Only *
    VAT on Amazon's fees: £0.94 for Domestic Only *
    Total you will receive (if sold): £29.84 for Domestic Only *

    The sega saturn had some great early rpgs like panzar dragoon saga and shining holy ark, these tow games alone are quite rare now and command some nice money, you would be best off going through ebay's ended listings and finding out which of your games are worth a good whack and sell them separate because there are likely more people who just want one game as opposed to buying a whole bundle to get that one game so you will loose interested parties, selling the expensive ones separate you will also likely make more money.

    God panzar and shining bring back some happy happy childhood memories, i spent days sat infront of my saturn playing this games until i completed them.

    Do some homework it'll be worth it in the end.

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