Sega superstars for an 7 year old??

I'm asking for a bit of help here ... i'm looking for a prezzie for my nephew AGED 7 for christmas.
He's of no help when i ask him what he wants.

A friend suggested Sega superstars for the PS2. I dont know a thing about these games and was hoping for your thoughts. :?

Do you think this is sumthin a boy of 7 might like as part of his christmas prezzie :?:

I appreciate your thoughts or if you've any suggestions

Thanks Catherine


Yes - it's very fun. You should check with his parents whether he has an eyetoy or not (this is a camera that plugs into the PS2).

If not, make sure to buy the game with the camera. I've seen the game for £9.99 without or £19.99 with the camera.

Basically, it films you dancing around the round, and you get to interact with what you see on the TV. Great fun.

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Andi, i meant to thank you earlier for replying to my post (i've a head like a sieve sometimes! :oops:

I actually bought sega superstars shortly after you posted your reply.

Got it for £4.99 (excluding eyetoy) @ prism direct free p+p


I hope your nephew has the eyetoy (it's unplayable without one!)

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Yeah, he does have an eyetoy.
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