Seizures/spasms in babies

Over a period of about a week my 5 month old daughter has had what looks like seizures. The first time was a series of 3/4 shivers (like when 'someone walks over your grave'), she was alert and conscious throughout (in fact smiled and giggled when it stopped), the second was when putting her to bed, whilst feeding her right arm started to 'vibrate' (best way to describe it), and the last on Sunday her whole body spasmed whilst drifting off to sleep. All have happened during or just after feeds.

I took her to emergency docs on Sunday, and we were send to hospital, where the docs did not seem to really know what it was. We have been given Gaviscon to add to bottles because apparently reflux can cause spasms in babies?!? Has anybody else encountered this with babies? It seems to be doing the trick as there has been no more since.



Hi i have heard of this before. I wouldnt worry too much at this stage. Check out the link…htm

This wont be much help but my friends LO has these, she is 6 months, and they have been to the GP's and Hospital numerous times with her, and they cant find anything wrong with her or a reason for them etc. They wernt much help ether, but i have a feeling they gave her gavison too?

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Thanks guys, nice to have a bit of reassurance! I wasn't overly worried as she is otherwise healthy, happy and developing exceptionally well, she never lost consciousness through it or looked odd, its just a bit unnerving when it happens! I didn't think it was 'fits' it's just strange behaviour.

My nephew has reflux and has these spasms as well docs say nothing wrong, hes 5 months

My son used to have these when he was asleep, got referred to hospital, had all tests for epilepsy just to be sure, EEG etc but turned out it's just one of those things and it hasn't happened for years now

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It's very reassuring thanks to all!

wasn't overly worried as she is otherwise healthy, happy and developing exceptionally well

that is definatly a good sign! My lo had these but only for a few weeks after birth, they mentioned to me it could be to do with the birth if it was traumatic (mine wasnt) it could well be reflux aswell, you did the right thing taking her to the docs, if your still worried, never hurts to get a second opinion.

Good Luck :thumbsup:

My babs is almost five months and she has silent reflux.(She's on infant gaviscon)She used to get spasms and shivers alot as well.It's all settled down now and it was nothing to worry about.
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