Has anyone ever dealt with this shower before ?


    Yep ive ordered a lot from them.
    You get cheap prices.
    But shipping takes a while

    My 1st order with them and they messed up........
    1. sent wrong dvds
    2. took weeks to reply to my emails!!.
    3. when returned ,they only refunded one dvd, should be 4 !!!....... again had to sort out.
    cheap but not cheerful for me!!!............ never used them again..........:?

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    Cheers for the replies folks. I ordered something on Friday morning (1st time I'd used SC) and was not happy when it was not sent that day when it clearly states on their website "If you place your order before 15:00 (Monday to Friday) we will process the order the very same day".
    The money has gone out of my account, but I've had no email confirmation of my order or that I'd even created an account with them.
    I rang them yesterday afternoon as asked why my item hadn't been sent when it had been ordered before noon never mind 3pm and I was told that they hadn't recieved the order until after 3pm and that it would do out yesterday.
    Well it still hasn't been sent and I got another load of bull when I rang this morning.
    I don't think I'd care as much if I hadn't bought it as a present for someone, but imo their really is no excuse for such poor customer service.

    never had a problem with them but they are very slow,,,

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    Well I'd certainly never use them again. I've never known anywhere as incompetent as they are.
    No registration email, no order confirmation email, only 1 person to answer the phone and thats when she does answer, otherwise you get a standard answer machine.
    Item wasn't in stock, even though it was showing in stock 4 days after I'd made my order.
    After a couple of phone calls they decided to cancel my order. They didn't ring, email or even update the status on their website, I found out when I rang them to ask what was happening.

    What actually is this place ?? I've read some right horror stories in the reviews scattered around the net.
    Selling 2nd hand goods, items not turning up, prices going up and down like a yo-yo.

    I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. AVOID!!!!!
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