self catering holiday

    just wanted to ask a quick question about people's experience going on holiday self catering, firstly there is 7 in total and firstly would you recommend it and secondly how do you go about getting food. thanks all


    Its all down to budget.Nothing wrong with it but it kinda detracts from the idea of being able to relax on hols, especially if you are the one who will be cooking.
    Getting food is usually as simple as it is anywhere but obviously depends on your location and transport means but most places have supermarkets nearby.

    for a large party then self catering always makes sense. As for getting food, have you heard of supermarkets?! They have them in almost every country.
    Remember to take your bag-for-life!

    If the resort is not isolated like some are, then it's fine pop to the supermarket/ local markets whatever and budget to go eat in a restaurant whenever you feel you would.

    it can save you money if you can take your own pasta, rice, ketchup etc as you will only use little amounts of these and it's not worth buying new packs from the supermarket.

    My experience for self catering really depends on what you are looking out of it yourself. Many many times we have went self catering and never once cooked anything. We choose SC simply because we loved the variation of the restaurants in the resort. Enjoyed the fact most SC apartments are far bigger than any hotel rooms from BB/HB/FB/AI etc. If we where going SC and with budgets actually thinking about cooking ourselves the choice of apartments became different you really got to pay more attention to detail. Those ancient looking two solid rings, taking ages to heat up, the lack of instruments to cook with etc. We always had our "go-to" apartments which where modern with touch controlled halogen 4 ring hob, fan assist oven,dishwasher etc. Those adverts where the apartments are 200m to nearest supermarket which they really mean the smallest overpriced shop you could ever find selling total basics at inflated prices.

    We always liked Albufeira which had three large proper supermarkets (AKA Tesco/Asda size) and a Lidl even, you could walk to them, get taxi back with boot load of shopping, don't underestimate carrying the stuff after you have bought.
    If we wanted a middle ground would have bought bacon,eggs,sausages thinks well for us Ulster Fry lol, or English Breakfast though maybe more of a brunch then snack in afternoon and restaurant at night, when a large group of us even instead of going out to restaurant would have got Chinese or Indian takeaway and brought back to the apartment.
    As an example heading away myself in August to Puerto Rico,Gran Canaria going SC, have zero intention of ever cooking anything.

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