Self Employed - Applying for a credit card

    Just wondered what are the differences between people who are employed or self-employed when applying for a credit card. I've always presumed it is more difficult for a self employed person to get credit, is this so? If so, what hoops do you have to jump through to get credit?

    Many thanks for any advice


    Credit - full stop - isn't anywhere near as easy to get at the moment as it used to be (without boring you about the Credit Crunch) but there are still plent of Credit Card Companies that WILL lend and give credit cards to Self Employed people.

    Basically, in as simple terms as possible what you declare you earn (i.e self declaration of earnings) is what they will base your credit limit on..... As well as age and other factors such as home owner, l;iving with parents and so on.
    There are lots to choose from, and not all are the same - but no matter what the state of the economy, there will always be sombody who is prepared to take on the perceived "risk".

    Happy to help further if needed.



    my son unemployed and in his early twenties given 2000k credit on capital one card no probs. he only applied to see if he would get it as he had gotten himself into trouble financially with catalogues only 18.
    I am self employed and again accepted immediately but with only 1k credit limit???????? Good luck:thumbsup:
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