Self Parking Lexus - Nice!

    Watching NFL streaming online now, and watching American adverts

    Just seen an ad for the new 2007 Lexus LS and it shows it parking itself :shock:

    Worth a look methinks
    Go…ls/ HERE
    Skip intro, click on technology, upper right corner, click on advanced parking.
    Oh yes!

    BTW, it is a demonstration on the website, but on the ad, it was a real car, parked between two HIGH columns of champagne flutes :-D


    Mate that is amazing. I have to get my girlfriend one when they come out. She can't even park her little ford Ka.

    Lol, imagine if someone hacked into your car's computer and sent it off on a roadtrip Nice looking car btw.

    I wish my car self parked! I act like its a bus!

    mercs have had this for a while, new beamers getting em, and i think top range honda has it, will be standard on most new cars by end of decade i think.
    BMW ones can park in your garage for u too including opening/closing the garage door.

    that is really, cool i luv the interior really flush, they way they parked car by itself, thats amazing, technology is reallying booming, i wonder how much the car is, i also noticed there is a hybird version even better.

    Ahhh, all the fun will go! Mindyou, novelty factor will be cool. No longer will people tell you you left your automatic lights on, will be 'err scuse me, your car is parking' while your on your way to the supermarket doors!

    Original Poster

    I am glad folks like it, thx Gary for the rep.
    I know other cars have it, but iirc, wasn't this this S-Class series? The one's worth more than most folks houses?

    As for the Lexus, with it being a USA ad, prices just don't compare since they seem so damn cheap for most cars. I guess the small print on local taxes etc can boost the price.

    As for parking myself, i have those parking sensors on the back of my car, it's a puma, and the view is somewhat limited; i liken the rear window as watching a widescreen tv through a letterbox :giggle:
    Good gadget though and come in really handy, esp when folks just decide to walk behind you, even though it's damn obvious your parking :x

    all the "terminator" superstitions are wrong, its not robots that will take over the world, its cars....

    Original Poster

    lol, nice one tom
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