Self Publishing- CreateSpace etc. Recommendations?

Posted 4th Feb
Has anyone published their own book (not ebook) that can recommend a service.

How did it compare to a standard publishing house?

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You have to be very careful, most (if not all) of the companies offering to print a book don't do anything else after that.
You have work out how you're going to sell it after you've had 1000 copies dropped at your home? Small one off book shop might buy a few copies, but normally on sale or return. The chains won't even look at most independent work.

Have you had your MS proof read, edited and got the cover artwork sourced? These are all things that a publisher will do.

Have you tried getting an agent to read it and give you feedback?
Amazon is probably the 'best' if you want your book to get noticed.

I believe they do a month free trial for readers though then they start to charge people to buy it.
Thanks both
Just be aware that if you self publish, you lose the whole "the first book from new author John Smith!" thing that makes you more enticing to publishers (either to pick your work up or to put effort into promoting your book).
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