Sell mobile phones for cash - Fonebank

    Any one had any experience using this company?

    I have a couple of phones I want to get rid of!


    Nope havnt used them, but have used mazuma, they were great. Btw what phones you got?

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    Nokia N95 8GB (116.00 on fonebank)
    Nokia 6500 Classic (30.10 on love2recycle)


    Nokia N95 8GB (116.00 on fonebank)Nokia 6500 Classic (30.10 on … Nokia N95 8GB (116.00 on fonebank)Nokia 6500 Classic (30.10 on love2recycle)

    check CEX as well, found they give good prices..:thumbsup:

    youd get £20 quid less at mazuma but the speed at which they pay is frightning have used a few and would go back to them

    Take photos of the phones as I had a problem with a company who stated that the screen was damaged. Luckily I had a pic as I was going to sell it on ebay
    after a load of hassle they finally paid up

    Do not automatically choose the company offering the most, also do not assume that they're entirely legitimate and won't try to claim damage simply because they're listed on a comparison site (they're only interested in commission).

    There's feedback threads on MoneySavingExpert for quite a few of these companies, do check them out first.

    Going by personal experience I'd recommend Envirofone (Cashinmyfone), Mazuma or Fonebank. The latter however will not return a phone once received, that said they've never cheated me out of a single penny by claiming damage that doesn't exist.

    Cash in my Phone are good and if you go through Quidco you get £4.50 per transaction, not per phone. SO if you have 2 do them as 2 seperate transactions to get the full £9 cashback
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