sell my ebay account?

Found 18th Jan 2015
Can i sell my ebay account ive looked on google put cant find any information? Im a top rated seller with 100% feedbk but not carrying on any more any info v.helpful heheh

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p.s didnt mean on here ment in general
You should list it on ebay!
Sure if you want to be personally liable for all the bad deals that go down.
nope, if caught it will most likely be banned also and i'm pretty sure this is against Ebay T&C
From Ebay user agreement here…rue

Using eBay

In connection with using or accessing the Services you will not:.....

transfer your eBay account (including Feedback) and user ID to another party without our consent;

so no you cannot


However a couple of years ago my dad transferred his account to me (because I used it much more than him), eBay was fine with it even though I don't live at the same address. I contacted them and they gave me consent.
any interested buyer has got to be dodgy with their intentions!
People sell business accounts on ebay but looks very dodgy
Apart from eBay's T&Cs, why would you want to do something that could assist a dishonest buyer/seller in scamming unsuspecting people - maybe your friends, family, neighbours. People use eBay feedback ratings in deciding whether to deal with another member. If that member hasn't earned their feedback but has just bought it from you for 20 pieces of silver, what kind of low life would that make you?
A genuine example would be if you were to sell a business, maybe an electronics repair business, and part of the sale included the premises, business name, all the goodwill that comes with the business, and a reputable ebay account in the same name as the business.

In this instance it would be not in the best interest to the transferee to then screw over customers. Whether this is a scenario for ebay to allow a transfer is a question that should be asked.
Thanks peeps defo not doing then it as above dont wanna be responsible for people getting ripped off and stuff.
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