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Found 11th Jun

We are getting a new kitchen fitted and disposing of the old kitchen units and appliances that are installed. Instead of throwing them all away, I am wondering if there’s somewhere I can sell em, almost scrap value maybe as they are quite old to warrant me trying selling via eBay, shpock etc?

thanks a lot for any pointers.
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Try Freecycle. Ask the Freecycle users where they sell the stuff they are given for nowt.
We took our last washing machine to an auction house, it was an 8+ year old Hotpoint and we got about 50 quid for it after fees, that was some years ago though and I think electrical testing will probably be much more expensive now.

We replaced it because the drum bearings were getting a bit sloppy and the bearing seal appeared to had failed and I couldn't be bothered to strip it down to fix it. Polished it up with pledge, put the transport bolts on, and the hoses and instructions in the drum, which made it look a lot newer than it was.
Sphock, old to you is as good as new to someone else. Just ask a fair price for what the items are.
Try gumtree, someone local should see it then
My sister stuck her entire old kitchen (units/worktop) on eBay starting at 99p.

Someone bought it and collected it.

Was more to save the cost of a skip and to have to dump it herself. Worked out well and think she got about £50 for it all in the end.

Gumtree or Shpock would be worthwhile too
very difficult to sell old large kitchen appliances. the number of working kitchen appliances that we have thrown out and had to pay for them to be taken away! we couldn't even give them away let alone sell them.

if you are lucky, you will be able to give them away for free to avoid having to pay for their removal.
When we had a new kitchen fitted I thought similar, tried gumtree and shock and didnt get a sniff, so contacted three charities, only one would accept the white goods, and they were a battered women refuge who helped people set up a new home. The rest was sent to the dump.
Ended up having to dump most, what a pity, but hey, atleast I tried. Thanks everyone for chipping in with your helpful comments.
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