Sell your old phones

Wasnt sure where i was ment to put this but anyway this site will buy all your old mobiles off you working or broken
i had 2 mobiles that i have had for years both waterdamaged never was going to get any money for them
and well these gave me 43 quid for them both
and they get the cheque to you within 7 days```
also search envirophone in google


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Oh I remember seeing something on TV about that, I really need to get rid of my phones I have about 4 in my drawer

good if they are in working conditon but i only get a new pnone if mine breaks


good if they are in working conditon but i only get a new pnone if mine … good if they are in working conditon but i only get a new pnone if mine breaks

apparently they take broken ones too

Does anyone know a site I can get a model number of my phone, I've been searching and I don't know the model numbers. I only know one of them (Samsung E900)
The other two are Sony Ericssons, I've already checked the website and they are too old to be on the website

Is there not an option on the phone that tells you what they are? Or a label under the battery?

If they are old sony ericssons they might be T68/T68i's...

Ah i found one of them under the battery but the other one doesn't have it. Its just all random numbers

Stay Away !

Saw an advert on the BBC advertising this, thought it may be worth a go.

Sent of the 4 phones.....No sign of cheque ! (This was 2 years ago)

Original Poster

i got my cheque within 7 days
and obviously see if you can get rid elsewhere for more do but if you cant these will give you a half decent price for broken phones
1 of the phones i sold to them the phone was going for 6 quid working i got 23 quid for it broken
so its worths a look

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like to point out 6 pound on ebay

Hmm I'm kinda warey of this now! I'll get a pic in a sec.. (my cams broke have to use webcam )


that looks like a t610 or t630 from memory

Thanks I googled both of them ,and I'm pretty sure it is the T610!! Only gonna get £2.29 :-O May aswell put the money to charity
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