Sell your walkears on eBay...…ef/

For anyone who perhaps sent off for the comic relief walkears but won't use about selling them on eBay, a % of the final price will go to comic relief and eBay will match it.

Just a thought


Excelent idea.....

But eBay still get their listing fee and percentage of final selling price? How charitable...

Why would anyone buy them when you can get them free?? Have they ran out???

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I guess a lot of people don't know where to get them? and selling them this way means double the money...because it's whatever the seller pays + the same again from eBay!

i would do that, with 100% to comic relief. but im just curious, will the postage also go towards comic relief? (im hoping that with 100% to charity ebay wont charge me)

edit: i see i have to enter some card details.... no thanks lol.

if anyone is going to do this, im willing to give away the ears to them, as long as they give most the money to charity (keep some money to make up for ebay fees)

ive had laods of them and give em 2 charity shop

You can still get them here...]http//ww…asp


You can still get them here...]

nice 1 .....i'll order again :-D


ive had laods of them and give em 2 charity shop

After reading your post I told dad to take the 2 pairs I ordered to the charity shop, since they didnt fit us, and they have actually already been bought!

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I feel like a mug now, for some reason I thought that eBay matched the final fee and donated the same to charity, as it turns out they donate the same % of the final value fee.

So, basically I have paid the listing fee on these, the full final value fee, the paypal fees and the cost of postage...and eBay have 'donated' about 25p, half of the final value fee, aka not an actual single penny!

How do they get away with this?! I'd have rather just donated the £8 straight to comic relief than line their skanky ass pockets for the privilege!!


I believe their 'mission fish' also take a percentage...
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