Seller doesn't bother refunding a return - paypal refused my claim - next steps?

Posted 15th Oct 2021

Counting on you guys as usual as have an issue with a purchase I made.

I have bought an item from oneplus and decided to return. I have taken it up with them and they agreed to take it back, generated an RMA for me and the label. I have sent it back the same day and it was delivered following day (17th September). Since then I have contacted Onplues CS numerous times, each time getting a 'this is being escalated, we will contact you in 3-5 working days'.

I have decided to go to paypal because well, buyer protection, so I made a claim and put a lot of details, including the tracking, the conversation with Oneplus and the email with RMA etc. Bascially, there was a sufficient amount of evidence to support my claim. However, they have declined it because they only offer buyer protection on undelivered and SNAD items. I have raised an appeal but they rejected that too.

I have again spoken to oneplus in the morning and got through to the supersivsor, who seemed more reasonable but still told me I would be updated 24-48h. Needless to day, I am not very convinced about his help, but heere's hoping.

I also don't think I am getting anywhere with paypal, which to me comes as a tremendous shock as always found paypal great - Im certain if I paid with credit card one phone call would be enough to get this sorted, but paypal doesn't care, even though the seller accept my return, has the item and has the money.

The question is what's the best way to proceed with that? Should I contact citizen advice bureau/retailer ombudsman? Can I complain somewhere about paypal because let's be fair, if the buyer protection doesn't protect you against sellers not refunding a return, how is that even called buyer protection?

I am very frustrated about it and have already wasted a ton of time unnecessarily chasing this, which should be a straightforward return - I returned the item brand new and unopened.

Lesson from this (at least from me): use credit card not paypal for high value purchases.

Looking forward for some feedback and advice, as this is really frustrating for me now.
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